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Sunday, August 21, 2016

How can I watch British TV in Dubai or Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates (UAE) - GUIDE TO UKTV

British TV in Dubai, you can watch UK British Television in United Arab Emirates by using our British IPTV Box.

We have been supplying UKTV since 2002, we are an established and tested supplier that provides the best possible service.

British Ex Pats in UAE are loving our IPTV service that also features a 7 day catch up feature so that you can watch last nights UK TV today. Our IPTV box boasts hundreds of channels and has over 24'000 TV shows and movies on demand. English television in Dubai is now available to all British families. Are you missing RTE? or are you missing Indian or French TV get in touch we have the solution.



MAG254 is the latest model available. 

British TV Dubai

british telly tv television dubai uae abu dhabi


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

English TV shows in UAE "Watch UK & Irish TV in Abu Dhabi"

English TV shows in UAE - Irish TV shows in Abu Dhabi - Watch UK TV in Abu Dhabi - UK IPTV Box United Arab Emirates - UK & IRISH IPTV Box supplier

Why choose us? - We have been supplying UK & Irish TV in United Arab Emirates for over 15 years initially we started using private VPN (Virtual Private Networks) so that several famous Dubai and Abu Dhabi Hotels could show Sports, News and certain TV channels from the UK and Ireland. 

Since the introduction of new technology such as the slingbox we opened the first Sling Box server facility based in the UK and then in Amsterdam that allowed our clients to place a SKY BOX or FREESAT BOX in our data center and then connect 
the box to a sling-box that then connects to the internet allowing our clients to access UK & Irish TV anywhere on the planet.

Thankfully technology has now moved forward in leaps and bounds and now we are able to supply our clients with a simple small yet incredibly powerful IPTV box that sits next to the TV just like a satellite receiver except it gets all of the feeds from the internet instead of a big ugly satellite dish.

So you have moved to United Arab Emirates and probably the first thing your missing is Waitrose or Sainsburys and probably in your top 5 things you miss from the UK or Ireland is Television! Perhaps you are a big Soaps Fan? or want to watch RTE? or simply watch the News from back home and even laugh at how cold it is even though you now miss the cold!

Do not worry... you have found the best possible Company to provide t=you with UK TV in Abu Dhabi or Irish TV in Abu Dhabi, big Sports fan? Want to watch every single Sports channel? We have the solution.

Many clients e-mail us and ask "What do I need to use IPTV in Abu Dhabi or Dubai?"

All you need is a good internet connection, we recommend a minimum of 6MB although if you will be watching a lot of channels "on demand" we would suggest you have a minimum of 10MB.

What about the time difference? You do not need to worry if your TV show is on too late at night in the UK or Ireland as we offer a 7 day catch up facility that allows you to go backwards through the TV guide.

Are you a big Movie fan? Do you love watching TV box sets? As of September 2015 we now have the biggest online Library on the planet! With over 21'000 TV shows and Movies available on demand.

Love boxing? Love big Sporting events? We have got your back! Just go to our PPV channel and watch every major Sporting event! All Major Boxing Matches are covered.

Sound good? Need more information? e-mail us 

Why not watch our demo video and see just how fantastic our product is.

I love it how can I order one?

Visit our store - http://mrskytv.com/store.php

e-mail us For further information.

Call us now - +66 955 258 221


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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Whats on? SKY TV Sports in Dubai

live rugby on sky sports - "watch UKTV in Dubai sky tv"

LIVE Rugby on SKY TV 

watch football in Dubai

LIVE Football on SKY Sports HD

England squad for fifth Ashes Test:
Alastair Cook (Essex) (Capt)
Moeen Ali (Worcestershire)
James Anderson (Lancashire)
Jonathan Bairstow (Yorkshire)
Ian Bell (Warwickshire)
Stuart Broad (Nottinghamshire)
Jos Buttler (Lancashire)
Steven Finn (Middlesex)
Adam Lyth (Yorkshire)
Liam Plunkett (Yorkshire)
Adil Rashid (Yorkshire)
Joe Root (Yorkshire)

 UK IPTV BOX "Watch UK British TV Dubai" UAE UK TV

How to watch Television from United Kingdom in UAE

Once you have received your IPTV box from mrskytv.com take the outer sleave off the box and remove the box, the power adapter and the RCA cable.

Connect the box to the TV using the RCA cable
Connect the box to your router using a ethernet cable
Connect the box to the power source using the power adapter

Turn on your TV and press "Source" button on your TV remote or "input" until you reach the RCA channel this is sometimes shown as the dots yellow,white & red. 

You will see a screen with loads of icons.

e-mail us and we will send you the code that you need to enter and within 10-15 minutes you will be watching UKTV in Dubai.

How to watch SKY TV in Dubai just got easy!


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Can I watch British SKY TV in Dubai? - http://uk-british-tv-dubai.blogspot.com/


You can watch UKTV in Dubai using a UK IPTV Box.


Watch BBC1 in UAE and Watch ITV in Dubai - Abu Dhabi SKY TV

The MAG250 and MAG254 IPTV box allows the viewer to watch LIVE streams from the UK using a simple to use IPTV set top box.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

United Arab Emirates "Expat TV Services"

written by - Jeremy Stenton-Jones

With the demand for UKTV in Dubai growing since mrskytv.com first started supplying boxes, several new suppliers have popped up supplying boxes that have had no prior experience in the Market and appear to be running several other enterprises at the same time. It appears that Estate Agents, Taxi Drivers and Gym Instructors have now become overnight IPTV specialists.

We have been supplying UK TV in Spain to British families since 2002 and have been supplying UKTV in Dubai for many years and have built up an excellent service for both reliability and fare prices. 

We have had several clients tell us that friends have been looking to purchase an original mrskytv.com box only to find one of these new suppliers on Facebook and ended up agreeing to paying over £30 a month. We charge charge all new clients €495 and this includes the box and 12 months service then after 12 months just €195 a year, this is half of what these new suppliers are charging and with little or no experience in the Industry.

Are you paying too much for your UKTV in DubaiSwap over to us and we will save you a lot of money.

Why choose our UKIPTV service? 
We supply the very best equipment and are available 24/7 we have been trading 2002 

Why are you almost half the price of other suppliers?
Because we already had a massive data base of clients in Spain that had UKTV when the new satellite left thousands of British families with no TV during the "Big UKTV Switch Off in Spain"  we managed to secure a fantastic price for all of our clients that lost UKTV over night and not wishing to cash in on our clients missery we passed these savings on and because of this and as word spread we have seen our Business grow Worldwide within a very short space of time. 

FREE shipping with UPS?
We offer FREE shipping with UPS.
Our FREE UKTV shipping to United Arab Emirates to all new clients purchasing either a MAG250 IPTV box or a MAG254 IPTV box with 12 months access to all the top British TV channels.

MRSKYTV.COM The original & the best UKTV supplier in Dubai.

What is the difference between Android and MAG250?
"Buy Cheap Buy Twice" These cheap Chinese Android boxes whilst sounding like a great idea are nothing but a complicated pain to use, the time and effort required to keep these boxes updated and fully maintained is rediculous and rather than watching TV you spend too much time messing around downloading or updating that it is "not" a real solution.

If you want to watch UKTV in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi we 100% recomend the MAG250 and the MAg254 UKIPTV box as they self update, all of the settings are controlled by the supplier leaving you to watch TV and relax.



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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Watch UK TV in Dubai - UK British Television United Arab Emirates


We have many people contact us and ask "can I watch UK British TV in Dubai?" Yes you can using our UK IPTV Box the MAG250 or the MAG254 IPTV Box. Watching UK TV in Dubai could not be easier.

Missing UK TV? We are established and long term suppliers of UK British Television to ex pats all over the World since 2002.

Interested in watching BBC, ITV, CH4, CH5, Sports, Movies and over 15'000+ TV shows and movies on demand in our video club?

We have the best selling UK IPTV BOX available in Dubai.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) having some of the best quality super-fast high speed internet connections in the Gulf region many smart British Ex pats are now seeing the real benefits of using UK IPTV to watch British TV in Dubai.

MAG254 BRITISH IPTV UK BOX inc 12 months access full package €545
MAG250 UK IPTV BRITISH IPTV BOX inc 12 months access full package €495

All UK Sports
All UK Movies
All UK TV channels such as BBC, ITV, CH4 and many more.

Worried about the time difference between the UK and Dubai?

No need! Our box allows you to go backwards throuh


Trading since 2002 we specialize in supplying the best quality product with the best possible service to all our clients.


Contact us today - info@mrskytv.com

Please note - we have been trading since 2002 mrskytv.com we have built up an excellent reputation in UAE by supplying an excellent service and now have to put up with copycat facebook dealers copying our name, so please always make sure you are dealing with us by insisting on an e-mail from info@mrskytv.com for further information feel free to visit the website link below- 


#1 suppliers of UK TV in UAE

Saturday, February 7, 2015

British TV Dubai - Watch UK TV Dubai

Watch UK TV in Dubai

9 years ago we started to supply UK TV via the internet to Dubai using Slingbox technology, back then you would need to purchase a UK SKY BOX that would then be housed in our server room connected to a slingbox that would then allow you to watch UK TV in Dubai.  

The MAG250 and the new MAG254 have changed the way we can now watch UK British Television in Dubai.

jason@mrskytv.com for further information.


UK TV DUBAI IPTV BOX MAG 250 - BRITISH TV DUBAI - watch uk tv Dubai -

Friday, July 25, 2008

British TV in Dubai

You can now receive British TV in Dubai and you can also receive British channels such as BBC ITV CH4 MORE4 CH5 and all your favorite channels from the UK.

How do we do it? Well for obvious reasons we cannot tell you however providing you have a broadband connection we can supply you the equipment so that you can receive all of your favourite TV channels from the UK.

Contact us : britishtvindubai@gmail.com

Ok so you probably have lots of questions here are some Q & A
Q : Can I get BBC1 and BBC2 ITV and CH4 CH5?
A : Yes you can and you can also get E4 More4 and the free movie channel Film4
Q : If it comes through the Internet what do I need to be able to watch British TV in Dubai?
A : All you need is a 3GB + Broadband /ADSL connection and a computer, once configured you can channel the feed into a TV Plasma or Projector its up to you.
Q : I am a real Sports fan can you help me receive major sports channels?
A : We can get you all of the major sports channels, remember that we are only selling you the equipment and the box, card, dish etc belongs to you! Its your property we are just attaching the equipment to the Internet so that you can watch "YOUR BOX USING YOUR CARD" you simply pay your subscription every month direct on your credit / debit card.
Q : How much is this going to cost?
A : Less than you may think! We charge a "one-off" fee of £1'200 this covers cost of your dish, box and card and your first years "rent"
Q : When you say "rent" what does that mean?
A : Because your dish and box and card would never work in Dubai we will charge you a "rent" to store your dish, box and card at our location in Spain where the British TV signals can be received we are then attaching your equipment to the Internet so that you can access your equipments programmes from "Anywhere in the World" after the first year how much is the "rent" we charge £250 a year.
Q : You say anywhere are you serious?
A : Yes that's correct you can access your box from anywhere in the world simply by typing in your user name and password its that simple.
Q : OK I am interested whats next?
A : Send us an e-mail and let us know what channels you want and we will get back to you within 24Hrs.
Q : What happens if my equipment stops working or there is a problem who do I call?
A : Call us 00 34 618585051 (Don't forget we are GMT+1)
Q : Because of the time difference my favorite shows are on at unsociable hours, can I record them?
A : 90% of our clients opt for a recording box so that you can access your favourite TV shows and watch them from the hard drive of your box, you can also set the box up to record all your favourite shows and it will even record every episode every time that show is broadcast.
Q : So who are you? and what guarantee's do I have?
A : We are a British firm based in Spain that provide satellite TV to expats, all equipment is under manufaturers warranty. One thing that is guaranteed is that when you are enjoying your favourite British TV shows in Dubai you will tell your friends who will the tell there friends.
contact us today! and be watching your favorite tv shows within 3-4 days!